Printers are one of the basic necessities for personal as well as official use. It allows you to take printed copies of the virtual texts and designs. Canon printers are worldwide known to provide outstanding quality prints. However, to use it you will have to understand the Canon printers setup procedure. 

Though you can find Canon setup booklet in the box, many times it is confusing and you might we stuck up in between. So, try connecting with the Canon technician for help.

In this blog, we will let you know how to set up the Canon printer on your own but first, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The Canon printers are designed to provide you with the best experience. They use the latest technology and offer a lot of features that make Canon setup easy and quick. Whenever you experience any technical problem with Canon printers setup then you must connect with the Canon tech team for support. 

The process of setting up the Canon printer is as easy as cutting a slice of cake, but sometimes you might experience some technical glitches. In such a situation, leave it to the Canon technicians and try getting their help.

  • First of all, connect your system with the printer and then plugin with the power outlet.
  • The Operating System that you are using will start finding the new hardware and also start looking for the drivers that are compatible.
  • When the above step is complete, it will start searching for the CD driver. You would have got a CD driver with your Canon printer and that is what you need to load. However, in case you are unable to find the CD driver, go to “this PC”> click on “disc folder”> choose “setup” option> now start the installing process.
  • It is also important to check if the that the disc has enough storage space.
  • Wait until the process is complete. Now turn off the printer and the system. 
  • Switch on the printer and the system.
  • Give a print command to check the printing quality.

 Before you understand how to set up a Canon printer, you need to understand that it is very important to connect the Canon printer with Wi-Fi for proper functioning. Here are the steps you need to follow,

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Go to the setting options. Now, select the arrow button and press ok after entering the device configurations.
  • Now, enter the arrow button till you find a LAN setup option.
  • Here you will have to press the arrow button till you find the wireless LAN setup option. Then click ok.
  • The Canon printer will start looking for a wireless network while the light on the printer will be blinking.
  • Your printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi network now.

Canon printers setup is easy and quick to establish if you know the exact steps to follow. However, sometimes there can be technical problems while following the steps. In such a situation try a connection with a Canon technician for help.