A Complete Guide on How to Change Canon Printer Ink

How to change Canon printer ink” cartridges is something you need to know before purchasing a printer. It will cost you a lot, however, the work won’t proceed without refilling the ink. Most of the Canon printers come with a refillable ink cartridge so you do not have to worry about buying a new cartridge every time.

Though changing Canon printer ink is easy and can be done on your own, you must be careful while following the steps.

How to Change Canon Printer Ink?

Changing the ink from a Canon printer is time to time procedure that needs to be done as a part of printer’s maintenance and for its overall functioning. You can check the status of the ink on the printer. The easiest way to detect this is when the quality of the print declines or fades away. 

You can open the access door of the printer and replace the ink cartridge immediately. This will allow your printer to function normally. Additionally, if your Canon printer is not working properly you can find reset button on in cartridge that allows you to reset the printer.

Step by Step Guide to Chane Canon Printer Ink

  • Find and open the access door of the Canon printer. Most of the printer’s ink cartridges can be accessed by keeping your hand on the top panel and then slowly lifting it. If the Canon printer model does not have an access door on the top, then you can look for it on the left or right side of the printer.
  • Now, check the status of the ink cartridges by seeing the lights. Most of the times empty cartridges have blinking lights or the lights are simply off.
  • Push the tab on the cartridge to release and open it. Open the cartridge simply by lifting it.
  • Now, try removing the replacement ink from the cartridge. And check the wrapper for instructions shake the cartridge before you open it. If you need to shake the cartridge then do it several times before opening it. However, many Canon printers do not have this requirement.
  • Now, remove the cartridge from its wrapper. Also, remove the tape present on the metal points while twisting the plastic caps, if present.
  • Push the ink cartridge into the vacant slots. Make sure the metal contacts face the inner side of the slot while the release tab faces outwards. Once, the ink cartridges are installed properly, they will automatically fit into the slot and the light will turn on.
  • Shut down the access door of the printer and wait for the light to go darker before using the Canon printer for printing purposes.

These steps will help you understand how to change Canon printer ink while using it. Moreover, the reset button on ink cartridge can help you reset the Canon printer if you are having issues with it, but it is always better to contact a Canon technician first.