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A Complete Guide On How To Reset A Canon Printer?

Canon is a worldwide Japanese company that is best known to produce top-class products ranging from printers, scanners, cameras, and so much more. The company was established in 1937 and has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

These days you can find several printer choices whether you buy it from the market or online. However, Canon printers are one of the top running printers in the world primarily because of the Canon printers are cloud-ready which allows multiple users to access the printer. 

Thus, making it an easy and convenient choice for office spaces and other administrative fields. Additionally, security is yet another reason why these printers are one the top-selling in the world.

However, many times users find problems while resetting the Canon printer. In this blog, we are going to cover a guide that will help you in understanding how to reset Canon printer, quick and easy.

If your Canon Pixma printer is having an issue then sometimes a quick reset can help you resolve the issue. However, every Canon printer has a little bit of different while resetting the printer using factory reset, but there is not much difference. You can easily resolve issues using the control panel of the Canon printer.

If you are having problems with your Canon printer or are thinking how to reset the Canon printer then factory reset is what you need to do.

You can check the menu of the Canon printer for the factory reset option. This option will help in returning the settings to factory specifications and will help in reconnecting to the network and set up the entire process again. Here are steps that you can follow for resetting the printer using a factory reset option.

  • Switch on your printer and then go to the menu.
  • You can navigate the setup menu to go to the device settings. Select the ok button.
  • Now, click on the Reset settings and click on ok again. The factory reset is complete for your Canon printer.

The Canon printers come with an inbuilt chip that warns the user about refilling the ink cartridge when it is about to finish or is running low. However, when you replace the ink cartridge it disrupts the normal operations of the printer. Therefore, an ink chip resetter is important in such a situation for the printer to function normally. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Switch off the power.
  • Press the power button while pressing the stop button. Release the stop button while still holding onto the power button. After 20 seconds “O” will be displayed on your screen,
  • Press the stop button four times while pressing the power button two times.
  • Press the power button to switch off the printer for resetting the printer.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer and reset the cartridges by using USB cables.
  • Now, install the cartridges in your printer.

These steps will help you understand how to reset the Canon printer in just a few steps. However, if you still have issues in resetting then it is always better to contact Cannon technician nad get done with it.